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Stipends are payments made to interns, trainees, or other professionals who are performing duties that they otherwise wouldn't receive payment for. There are specific criteria that must be met in order for someone to receive a stipend, and not all individuals are eligible to receive stipends from an organization. Here we explore what a stipend is, professions that usually include stipends, what stipends are most commonly used for, and the difference between stipends and salaries.



Discover comfortable living options tailored to your needs abroad. Our accommodation services offer a range of housing solutions, ensuring a smooth transition for students. From cozy dormitories to convenient off-campus apartments, we provide safe and welcoming spaces conducive to your academic journey. Find your ideal home away from home with us





"PLAB, an abbreviation for Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, is an exam for international medical graduates seeking to practice medicine in the UK. It assesses medical knowledge and language skills. Passing PLAB is a crucial step towards gaining registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and pursuing a medical career in the UK."



When accepting the letter of offer , the most important task is to apply for your student visa. Since each country has its own set of formalities to fulfill,but here Rikson Education will guide you through the visa application process and help you prepare the documents needed for your submission. if there are any issue in document from your side, it will not be our responsibility




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"From inception to success, our support remains unwavering. Embark on your journey to excellence with confidence as our dedicated team stands by you at every step. Whether it's guidance, assistance, or advice, we're here to ensure your seamless transition, fostering growth and achieving milestones together."